Physiotherapy in Brampton

Simrandeep Kaur is the registered physiotherapist at MyoHealth Physio. Physiotherapists are university trained professionals who excel in their field and are registered with College of Physiotherapist Ontario.  Simran Physiotherapist  specializes in Musculoskeletal conditions, having done specialization in Orthopedic and Sports injury Physiotherapy.


When you google search for “ Physio near me  or Best Physiotherapist” we understand that you will be presented immense choices and it can be overwhelming. Please do your research before you select on the Physiotherapist in Brampton.

Physiotherapist in Brampton

We aim to provide you with treatment plan that provides you with excellent pain management and improved range of motion in reasonably quick amount of time. Our aim is to provide you not only with current condition’s pain management but also education on how to avoid such situations in future as well.


Our treatment techniques are strictly hands on using fascial manipulation techniques and utilizing modalities in strictly supporting role only. We aim to find and correct the root cause of the challenge you are facing.

Some of the conditions treated under Physiotherapy at MyoHealth Physio


- Back Pain

- Neck Pain

- Knee Injuries

- Plantar Fasciitis

- Sports Injury

- Shoulder Blade Pain

- Muscle Strains

- Tennis Elbow

- Post Fracture rehabilitation

- Shin splints

- Frozen Shoulder

- Poor Posture