Laser Therapy in Brampton

Laser Therapy is often misunderstood just because of its name. We call this therapy as Laser Therapy due to ease of name. In medical Terms it is called Photobiomodulation Therapy. It utilizes non-ionizing light sources, including lasers, light emitting diodes and or broadband light, in visible (400 – 700 nm) and near-infrared (700-1100nm) electromagnetic spectrum. Application of a therapeutic dose of light to impaired or dysfunctional tissue leads to a cellular response mediated by mitochondrial mechanism that reduces pain and inflammation and speeds healing.


Some of the biological effects of Laser Therapy include, but not limited to:


- Pain Reduction

- Anti-inflammation

- Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

- Improved Vascular Activity

- Analgesic Effect/Trigger points and Acupuncture Points

- Improved Nerve Functions/Healing

Laser Therapist in Brampton

When searching for “Laser Therapy in Brampton'' be sure to do your research and ask the clinic if they deploy class IV laser machine at their facility. In Comparison to class III B (and below) laser machines, class IV laser can deliver a higher dose of therapeutic light to larger volume of tissue and is able to penetrate deeper as well, reaching the effected tissue with ease. The amount of therapeutic laser beams that a class IV laser can deliver in 5 mins (power from 0.5 Watts to 25 Watts) will take a Class III B laser (power max out at 0.5 Watts) approx. 45 mins to deliver.


But as the popular saying goes, it is not the car but the driver that drives it.


We use Laser Therapy as adjunct to our hands-on Myofascial Techniques. It is the knowledge of how our muscles work and how to identify the problematic muscle/tissue that sets us apart. Please consult the Physiotherapist on your visit to ask if Laser Therapy can help you in your current physical situation.


Some of the common conditions that benefit from Laser Therapy:


-  Acute Pain

-  Arthritis

-  Bursitis

-  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-  Chronic Pain

-  Edema

-  Epicondylitis

-  Fibromyalgia

-  Fractures

-  Geriatric Condition

-  Neuropathy

-  Orthopedic Disorders

-  Plantar Fasciitis

-  Post Surgical Pain Relief

-  Rotator Cuff

-  Sports Medicine

-  Sprains & Strains