Physiotherapy Treatment For Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is a common condition in people who play sports or repeatedly perform certain motions with the elbow. It is an inflammation that occurs when the tendons that join the forearm muscles to the bones become painful and weak.

The intensity of pain can vary from case to case, but the pain worsens if treatment is not given in most cases. One of the ways to quickly recover from a tennis elbow is by seeking physiotherapy treatment. If you’re suffering from a tennis elbow, seek physio for a tennis elbow. MyoHealth Physio is a physiotherapy centre in Brampton that can help treat the condition. Here is how it can be treated.

1. Exercise:

Physical therapy emphasizes the importance of exercises rather than relying entirely on medications. If you’ve experienced a tennis elbow, your physiotherapist would ask you to perform certain activities to treat the pain.

Movements such as wrist turn, wrist lift, wrist turn with weights in hand, towel twist, elbow bend, fist squeeze, among a few others, can help relieve pain. If performed regularly, the recovery could go a lot faster. In some cases, the physiotherapist can draw up a unique exercise regime for your recovery. 

2. Ultrasound: 

Ultrasound can also be a part of the therapy for tennis elbow. Some of the ultrasound's therapeutic results are an increase in blood flow and breakage of scar tissues, which will ultimately boost the healing process.

You could also be asked to wear a brace or splint on your arm. This will give your tendons and muscles some rest after exerting the repetitive activity that caused it. To get braces placed on your arm, seek the services of a physiotherapist center near you. If you live in Brampton, MyoHealth Physio can fix you up just right.

3. Medications:

While in most cases, physical exercises, a lot of rest and time could heal tennis elbow, in severe cases, you could be prescribed certain medications to boost the healing process. Corticosteroid, an anti-inflammatory drug, is the most used medicine to treat a tennis elbow. Your physician will inject the Corticosteroid into the affected region to help ease the pain and swelling in the area.

It will help with the inflammation in the tendons that join your forearm muscles to the bones. It should only be taken when prescribed by the doctor. Head to Google and type “physiotherapy clinic near me” to book an appointment with a competent physiotherapist.